In July of this year, the Colorado Department of Transportation surprised Black Forest residents with a public meeting to present a high speed rail (HSR) study being conducted by CDOT.  This HSR would run from Ft. Collins down to Pueblo, and possibly further in the future.   The first phase of the HSR would use… [Continue Reading]

highspeedrail 870 x 300

The BFTA held it’s annual picnic at the Black Forest Regional Park on July 11, 2012.  The rain held off long enough to have a great time.


  Section 16 Toilet Update—by Judi Tobias Shortly before the first of the year, BFTA reached its goal of $5000 as its portion of the cost of the vault toilet to be built at Black Forest Section 16. Many thanks to all our generous donors who made this happen. On Jan. 31, the first meeting… [Continue Reading]




Black Forest Regional Park Playground


by Cheryl Pixley The spring Trail and Road Cleanup for Section 16 is scheduled for May 12, 2012.  Meet at the Section 16 parking lot (on the north side of Burgess Road just west of Vollmer) at 9:00am.  We will end at 11:30am, or earlier if we have a good turnout of workers. In the… [Continue Reading]


City Council voted 6-3 in favor of purchasing the Anderson parcel! The item will go before Council again for a second hearing in about two weeks and then (if all goes well, which it should) a closing date will be set. This new parcel will one day allow a northeast access to Corral Bluffs that’s… [Continue Reading]


View of Pike’s Peak from the trail in Section 16 Park


Black Forest Regional Park Picnic Pavilion


Promoting use of Black Forest Trails and Parks for hikers, bikers, educational purposes, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, and equestrians Fun trails for avid horseriders


by Hank Hoover If you’ve visited our website recently ( you may have noticed that we are entering the world of social networking by having Facebook and Twitter accounts. You can post your photos, organize activities, tell us about problems with parks in our area, give us suggestions, etc. Hopefully these tools will allow us to… [Continue Reading]



The Black Forest Trails Association is an organization founded to create a safe, legitimate, non-motorized, multi-use recreational trail system that connects Black Forest neighborhoods to each other and the El Paso County Regional Trail System.



Spring Trail and Road Cleanup for Section 16

The Spring Trail and Road Cleanup for Section 16 is scheduled for April 19, 2014.  Meet at the Section 16 parking lot (on the north side of Burgess Road just west of Vollmer) at 9:00am. We will end at 11:30am, or earlier if we have a good turnout of … [Read More...]

Trails and Open Space Coalition

One of our favorite partners in all things related to our passion for the outdoors is the Colorado Trails and Open Space Coalition (or TOSC as most people know them).  TOSC's mission (in part) is: "We are dedicated to the preservation of open space … [Read More...]

Fire Recovery

Black Forest Regional Park Needs Help

Greetings Members and Fans of BFTA, As you know from our last email, one of the priorities for the BFTA for 2014 is the recovery of Black Forest Regional Park which was heavily damaged by the fire last summer. To that end, we have three opportunities for members to volunteer in the efforts to … [Read More...]

Black Forest Section 16 Is Open!

Despite the beating it took in the June 2013 forest fire, El Paso County has cleaned up section 16 to deal with any safety issues arising from burned trees and other fire damage.  The trail and restroom are now open and we hope everyone has an opportunity to hike or ride section 16 as soon as … [Read More...]

Black Forest Trail & Wildlife Habitat Restoration, August 10, 8:00am- 4:00pm

Join Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado at Black Forest Regional Park north of Colorado Springs as we work to restore habitat that has been severely damaged by the recent wildfire. Volunteers will join the first-hand effort to mitigate damages caused by recent flooding, install log erosion barriers and … [Read More...]

County Parks Re-Opens Parking and Restroom Facilities Only at Section 16 Trailhead

The parking area and restroom facilities at El Paso County Parks Section 16 Trailhead facility in Black Forest are now open for the convenience of Black Forest residents and visitors. Fire damage to the Trailhead facilities was minimal but there was more extensive damage along the Section 16 … [Read More...]

After Fire Safety Meeting

El Paso County, CO., Wednesday, June 27 2013 - El Paso County Commissioners will host a public meeting this Friday, June 28th, for the residents of Black Forest to receive post-fire information and discuss initial after fire safety, debris removal, tree mitigation, permitting, wells and septic … [Read More...]